<font color=#B22222 style=font-family:Tahoma><b>Florida sun lounge</b></font><br><i>Indoor mural at Coquitlams City Centre Aquatic Complex</i>
Florida sun lounge
Indoor mural at Coquitlams City Centre Aquatic Complex
7.5 by 31.3 ft.
Oil on Concrete Block

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Year Created:2003
Description:A 244 sq. ft. indoor mural in keeping with the Florida theme for the City Centre Aquatic Complex located at 1210 Pinetree Way in Coquitlam BC. Click here for map.
As the mural is four times wider than high, I came up with a sun lounge idea so that the verticals of the simulated glass and the false wall would break up the scene. The larger shrimp boat is named after Mariner Avenue in Coquitlam, the smaller one is named C.C.A.C. after the pool.
Artist's Comments: I began the 7 ft. 10 in. x 31 ft. 2 in. mural with a red oxide alkyd primer on the cement surface on September 10th 2003 during the pool´s maintenance shutdown. The sketch was drawn with a soapstone pencil and string to establish the perspective. The mural was then painted with basic red, yellow, blue, black and white alkyd semi-gloss enamel and oil with galkyd medium. The corners were done with an acrylic gel applied with a trowel and painted with a dark grey suede acrylic latex, then the relief was dry-brushed with a light grey latex used on the blocks to simulate stucco. The mural was completed on schedule prior to the pools reopening on October 4th 2003. The enameled surface of the completed mural was then sealed with 4 coats of Varathane. The mural is in the hallway leading to the pool from the three change rooms at the City Centre Aquatic Complex in Coquitlam BC. Photos of the mural could only be taken at an angle from the various change rooms. You can also see reflections from the various fluorescent lights along the hallway.
Painting number 35.
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